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Welcome to NS Cheats. I'm Orei

Below are the full list of games I've worked on and my contact avenues.

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Orei Des

Note to all my customers and supporters,  As Discord's friends limit is 1000, I do periodically un-friend and remove older conversations.
Do add me again when you need my service. Cheers :)

Most Popular
Bayonetta 3 - Max Seeds, Orbs, Halos, Unlock all Demons, Weapons, Accessories
- Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak - Full Mat Injection, Charms Editing, Qurious Augment Editing
Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Full Mat Injection, Max Level, God charms, Monsties Gene Editing
- Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - God Charms Edit, 100% Complete Save Injection

Most Recent Added / Updated
- Diablo 2 Resurrected - Offline Created Char, Max Gold, Level 99, Max Stats, Max Skills Boosting
- Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - Max Zeni, Z Orbs, D Medals, All Recovery, Cooking, Materials, Gifts
Dying Light - Super Starter Save injection, Max Levels, Max Cash, Craft items, Throwables, Medkits
Metroid Dread - Unlocks full Gallery Awards, All Difficulties, Full Power Up, 100% Completed Save

- Bravely Default 2 - Unlock All Jobs and Level, New Game + Injection with Max items
- Cuphead - All Achievements Unlocked, 200% Complete Save Injection
- Doom Eternal - Max Lives, Upgrade points and Batteries
- Double Dragon Neon - Max Stance and Skill levels, Max Money, Unlock Max DD difficulty
- Fairy Tail - Max Jewels, Rank points, Injection of Best Grade 5 Lacrimas
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Max Materials, Gil, Injection of End game gear, All Artifacts
- Hades - 100% Unlocked Save 
Hyrule Warriors : Age of Calamity - Max Materials, Unlock all Char, Best weapons
- Immortals Feynx Rising - Max Consumables
- Jump Force Deluxe Edition- Max Characters Levels, All Skill upgrades, All Outfits, Max Materials
- Kirby Fighters 2- Max Fighter Ranks, All Upgrades Unlocked, All Characters Unlocked
- ManEater - Max Proteins, Fats, Minerals, Mutagens, Max level 30 shark
- Mario Kart Deluxe 8 - Unlock Gold Cart set, All Mii Racing Suits, 100% Grand Prix 3 stars all cups
- Miitopia - Max Currency, Tickets, Grubs, All Weapons, Armor, Amiibo Outfits, Levels
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - 99k Ultimate Exp Cubes Injection, Godly ISO-8 Editing
- Minecraft Dungeons - Max Emeralds and Gold, Custom Glided Built Editing. Power level 256
- Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - Max Racer and Cop Ranks, All Cars Unlocked
- Neo The World Ends With You - Max Yen, Level, Pins, Threads, Collection, Noisepedia
Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom - Max Currenty, Max Exp/Lvl, Max consumable/materials
No More Heroes 3 - Max UtopiCoins, WESN, Unlock all DG-Chips, Max Materials
- Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Max Spirit orbs, All skillls and abilities upgraded, Max 31 ability slots
- Paper Mario the Origami King - Max Coins, Injection of Best Power Ups
- Persona 5 Strikers - Max Everything, Max Upgrades, Unlock all gear, items, recipes
- Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Home Transfer, Custom Pokemons
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl - Shiny 6IV Starters, Eggs, Dittos, Exclusives, Legendaries
Samurai Warriors 5 - Max Gold, Materials, Weapon Mastery, Lvl, All Weapons
- Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Unlock All Chars, Max Money, Stats, Upgrades, Unlock Hidden Move
Shin Megami Tensei V - Max Macca, Glory, Overboosted Consumables, Unlock all Essences
- Story of Seasons, Friends of Mineral Town - Max Money, Max Tool Upgrades, Unlock Treasures
- Super Mario 3D All Stars - 100% completed save
- Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - 100% completed Gold game, Max score, All Chars unlocked
Super Mario Bros U Deluxe - 100% Completed, All Chars 99 Lives, Max Score
- Super Mario Odyssey - 100% completed save
- The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild - 100% Normal & Master Mode, Max Rupees, All Weapons/Gear
- The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening - Max Rupees, Unlock all Upgrades, Reveal all Map
- The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword HD - Max Health, Rupees, Mats, All Upgrades
WarioWare Get It Together - Max Wario Coins

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