Crypto Mining Project

This is the project I'm vested and embarking on from 2022 onwards.
The goal here is to create passive income with my skills I already known.

To me, Crypto is the future, especially in another 10 to 20 years where my kids grow up. But I'm not keen to play it like stocks/forex because of the volatility. I take a more conservative approach by studying existing Proof of Work Mining, Proof of Stake, Block-chain technology, Smart contracts codes, and Metaverse gaming (Gaming falls under my forte anyway). This will span into NFTs soon.

So I invested a portion of my switch earnings to built GPU miners and ASIC miners to start mining ETH Hash and understand how this works. 



Date Updated : 18 Jan 2022
Phase : Monitoring and teaching bots to counter latency
Total NUCs : 3
Total Online Bots Count : 17   

On metaverse games out there, I start to develop my bots (my wife called them Minions). Same base code I use for switch game mods, only difference is that I really have to make the Minions smarter with some form of artificial intelligence coded in so they can function on their own, to gather in-game crypto tokens that I convert to Bitcoin at end of every day.

Below is my gear setup that is hosted at my partner's place where he has solar power and our framework that gels it together. 


Crypto Framework 14 Jan 2022.JPG