Link's Awakening Cheats

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Link's Awakening Cheats, Save edit

I offer to add the follwoing boosts to your current save. Does not affect your progress. 

a) Max Rupees
b) All Keys, All Weapons Max, All Instruments
c) Reveal All Map, Unlock All Warp Points

Package for Donation of USD 20

Contact me below for any clarifications required.

1) I am contactable by the following

2) Donation by Paypal only.

3) I will  need your Nintendo login email/password to access your cloud save for editing. Therefore, Please change to a temp password first at


If you believe this is a scam, note that you can always recover your password by resetting it via your own email. Your save data inside your switch remains untouched.

4) Backup your  save into cloud and disable further cloud backup for now

5) Let me work my magic, I'll notify you once its complete, and send you photos on the work done on save that is uploaded into your cloud.

6) *Do not start the game yet* Go download the new save from cloud, enable your auto backup, then start your game

7) Check and acknowledge what you receive is correct. Please remember to change your login password after to lock me out.