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Dear fellow hunter, if you are sick of the useless charms that the game gave you, and wish to customize your melding results like video above, I can help you.

Just some statistics. There are over 2,440,000 possible combinations of Creator talismans alone. Just so you know your odds when you are hunting/melding for that 1 specific charm.


1) Contact me through via the below

You will need to send charms into your melding pot, save and backup the game into cloud. Does not matter what charms you send into pot, results will be creator charms. You do not need to cycle quests to complete melding as I will do it for you too :)


You may refer to the link below for the list of skills and max values a creator charm can have. If you need some recommendations on builds, please click on my collection.

As appreciation for the continual support by you folks, I will add in 1 page full of consumables free when you engage me for 3 charms or more. Do make sure you sort and have enough space.

  • 20 stacks of Mega Dash Juice

  • 20 stacks of Mega Demon Drug

  • 20 stacks of Mega Armor Skin

  • 40 stacks of Latchberries


2) Paypal donate. Contact me for more details as its a private transaction.

3) I will  need your Nintendo login email/password to access your cloud save for editing. Therefore, Please change to a temp password first.


If you believe this is a scam, note that you can always recover your password by resetting it via your own email. Your save data inside your switch remains untouched.

4) Backup your MHGU save into cloud and disable further cloud backup for now

5) Let me work my magic, I'll notify you once its complete, with picture of Meld results on the save that is uploaded into your cloud.

6) *Do not start the game yet* Go download the new save from cloud, enable your auto backup, then start your game

7) Go collect your newly melded god charms. Please remember to change your login password after to lock me out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Will I be banned!?

Ans : No. I am changing the RNG results offline and I cannot meld charms that are not legitimately obtainable in game.


Tenderiser +10, Expert +20, 3 slots is just not possible at all.

The highest possible is Tenderiser +6, Expert +10, 3 slots

Q2) I don't believe you!! I'm sure I will be banned!?

Ans : Nintendo ban Switch consoles that are hacked, not Nintendo IDs. You are not hacking your switch. What we are doing here is making legitimate changes to your save file and uploading it to cloud. It will be just like another auto-save after you completed a quest.

Q3) What if I prefer to hunt for it instead?

Ans : It is your preference. Supposed you get lucky, and rolled a God charm in your next hunt / meld, it will be the same as what I'm adding here too. The game can't tell the difference. 

Q4) What happen if I asked for an unobtainable charm?

Ans : I will either clarify with you or will make my own adjustments to see how best to configure the charm for you. I'm a veteran hunter myself.

Q5) What other items can you add or change?

Ans : Zenny, Points, HR points, all Items, Weapons, Armor, Palicos. I can rename your hunter, gender, face and voice change too.

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