MHGU 100% Save Injection

I have a HR 999, Red Crown, 100% Guild Card completion save that I can inject into one of your 3 save slots, without affecting your original hunter.

See Below for 2 videos of how this hunter's save profile, guild card, and inventory is.

 A quick summary of what this save profile contains 

1.  HR 999, Red Crown, All main quests completed

2.  Max Zenny and Academy Points

3.  100% guild card completion

4.  A default charisma level 99 Palico with

- Gaijin hunter's 6 best in class palicos, all level 99

- Weakness Exploit palico, for teaching this hidden skill

5.  All rare materials x 99, so you can start forging anything you need.

6.  Equipment inventory contains the following (fully upgraded)

- 1 x Blademaster Neset Set

- 1 x Gunner Neset Set

- All Melee Gold Weapons

- Gods Isle and Hurricane Glaze (Best LBG)

- Diablastazooka, Orcus Quarcus and Daora's Ceti (Best HBGs)

7.  The following 10 God Charms, all 3 slots

- Tenderizer 6, Expert 10

- Hearing 7, Status 7

- Pierce Up 6, Recoil 7

- Chain Crit 5, Expert 10

- Fencing 7, Expert 10

- Hearing 7, Expert 10

- Pierce Up 6, Critical Up 5

- Evasion 6, Evade Distance 5

- Sharpness 7, Handicraft 5

- Sheath Sharpen 10, KO 10

Instructions prior to Injection (Blue are important!)

1.  Create a new hunter with your preferred gender, face, voice, skin etc
2.  Enter the game, finish cut scenes, and conversation with Bherna elder.

3.  Access Menu, exit the game back to character selection
4.  You can now quit the game and backup this save into Nintendo Cloud

3.  Contact me via email / discord / Facebook messanger (refer to main page)

4.  Let me know which hunter name / save slot to inject into

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