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Monster Hunter Rise Cheats, Max Materials, God Charm / Talismans Edit

For Monster Hunter Stories 2 (MHST2) Services

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For Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) Services

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For all services, I'll scan in the collector's edition Magnamalo and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rider Layer Armor

1) Material Injection, 770+ at 9999 quantity each (or your preferred quantity), into your current save. Does not affect your progression

- Includes up to v3.9.0 items (Newest mats include Spring Blossom and Appreciation Tickets).

- Comes with Max Zenny

- Comes with Max Kamura Pts

2a) If you do not want to have all Materials, I have a service to only inject all the craftable and useful materials only, Qty default at 9999 or your choice

 - Everything in the crafting list menu and their components

 - Well done steaks, Aqua and Bloodrun jewels

 - Lagiapples, Dango Tickets, and a stack of golden eggs to sell if u need Zenny

2b) I also offer add on materials for V2.0 up to V3.9.0 updates 

3) Hunter Rank Boosting, Unlock all monster crowns and the 2 awards (v3.9.0), guild card editing. 

(Click to see photo)

- Hunter Rank Boost (works best from HR 40 onwards) With legit scaling of other dependencies stats

Example. You are currently HR 280 HR, I boost you to HR 999. I programmed a calculator that determines how much legit Playtime, Hub and Rampage Quests, High Rank Monsters to add, and how many weapon uses to scale up (You can choose which weapons to add the counts, ill divide equally). You can choose to Boost to a specific HR Tier instead of 999. (eg, 300, 550, 750, 800, 950)

- Unlock Shortest and Longest Crowns for all Monsters released till date

- Any other edits for Quest counts, Kill Counts, Capture Counts, Weapon uses etc.

5a) Above Video shows charms that I can edit with skills and values that falls within the meld framework. I wrote my own GUI editor for charms. (Click to see photo)

 - Skill 1 and Skill 2 values comes with a cap limit (Refer to table below for Legit Max values)

 - Slots of the charms is determined by the skill selected, lower slot count applies.

For example, 

If you choose Bludgeoner, that can support 3-2-1,  and Attack Boost with 3-1-1 skill.

Your charm's max slot is 3-1-1, which is the lower count of slots.

You may choose to have lower slots counts, 2-1-1. 2-1-0, etc if you want to be even more legit.

5b) Below Video shows the God charms that I can edit. Only difference between the charms above is that I can max value both skills. Slots constraints apply. 

Charm Table, if you cant see the table using mobile, view it on PC/Laptop. Utilize the search function to filter.

You may contact me by Discord or Facebook Messenger if you wish to clarify anything.

Discord : Orei#6174

Facebook Messenger : Orei Des

  • I use an unique and safest stealth method to log in your account that Do not trigger Nintendo for an EMAIL CODE from you. 

  • Email code triggers are dangerous and signs of abnormal behavior login from others (hacking etc). 

  • When I return your save, Your save's timestamp is exactly the same as you left it, but work is done within. Impossible to trace from save data editing perspective.

  • All my work is done without modded switch or custom firmware or cheating homebrew apps.