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Monster Hunter Rise Cheats, Max Materials, God Charm / Talismans Edit

For Monster Hunter Stories 2 (MHST2) Services

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For Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) Services

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For all services, I'll scan in the collector's edition Magnamalo, Malzeno and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rider Layer Armors and include all Rise + Sunbreak released DLC content

1) Material Injection, 1500+ at 9999 quantity each into your current save. Does not affect your progression

- Includes up to v13.00 mats (MHR + Sunbreak + Title Update 1 + Title Update 2 + Title Update 3)

- Comes with Max Zenny

- Comes with Max Kamura Pts

2a) If you do not want to have all Materials, I have a service to only inject all the craftable and useful materials only, Qty at 9999

 - Everything in the crafting list menu and their components

 - Well done steaks, Aqua and Bloodrun jewels

 - Lagiapples, Dango Tickets, and a stack of golden eggs to sell if u need Zenny

2b) I also offer add on materials for Sunbreak Update + Title Update 1 + 2 + 3 Only

3) Master Rank boosting Services

I offer 2 types of boosting

A) If you are above MR 6 and below MR 100, I can boost you to above 100, unlocking all the gated quests like Furious Rajang and Scorned Magnamalo. HR, Playtime, Quest counts, Monster kills, Weapon uses are scaled according to game mechanics like you farmed the quests yourself.

B) MR 100 and above, I can boost you all the way to MR 999 or any MR of your choice. HR, Playtime, Quest counts, Monster kills, weapon uses are scaled according to what you have.

This service will also include

i) All released Monster's longest and shortest crowns unlocked

ii) 100% Guild Card Awards for both MHR and Sunbreak (See towards end of video above)

*NOTE : In TU2 Update, Capcom have removed 4-1-1 charms. Charms edited by me, I can fix it to 4-0-0 or 3-X-X. Just buy any of my other MHR services and I'll fix it as I deliver the new service*

4) Above Video shows both god and normal charms that I can edit with skills and values that falls within the meld framework. Only difference between the god charms is that I can max value both skills. Slots constraints apply. 

 - Skill 1 and Skill 2 values comes with a cap limit (Refer to table below for Legit Max values)

 - Slots of the charms is determined by the skill selected, lower slot count applies.

For example, 

If you choose Quick Sheath that can support 3-2-1 slots and Attack Boost that supports 3-1-1 slots.

Because of Attack Boost present, your charm's max slot is 3-1-1, NOT 3-2-1.

For better reference on charm table below, Any skill with a Asterisk " * " at the end of the skill name is a 3-1-1 or 4-0-0 slot

5) Qurious Augment Editing Ver 6. (Includes new TU3 Armor sets)

Download my Excel Template Above and input your augment requirements. Then contact me, screenshot me what you have on the template what you need. I will inject the full set for you.

I have an Example tab on how to use the template on a Head gear. Any questions, contact me.

6) God Set Injection. With Master Rank and End Game Gear in sight, I am finally able to start doing this. Sets are made with my God max charms + some other unique editing on each piece of gear that gives you uber skills that you normally will not be able to achieve. Set(s) can be injected once you are able to meld charms (HR 3), and registered as a Loadout for easy swapping. I will be playing and crafting sets for all weapons eventually, those weapons that works well for element built will be added as well. Works well for online plays. Click below to see my compilation

Charm Table with new Sunbreak Skills and Divine Talisman (Rare 10),

If you can't see the table using mobile, view it on PC/Laptop. Utilize the search function to filter.

You may contact me by Discord or Facebook Messenger if you wish to clarify anything.

Discord : Orei#6174

Facebook Messenger : Orei Des

  • I use an unique and safest stealth method to log in your account that Do not trigger Nintendo for an EMAIL CODE from you. 

  • Email code triggers are dangerous and signs of abnormal behavior login from others (hacking etc). 

  • When I return your save, Your save's timestamp is exactly the same as you left it, but work is done within. Impossible to trace from save data editing perspective.

  • All my work is done without modded switch or custom firmware or cheating homebrew apps.