Monster Hunter Rise God Sets

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak God Sets

Here are a list of sets that I have built so far. The difference between God Sets and normal sets are  well... just see the list of  high or max active skills. I am able to inject the sets regardless of your progress in game, From HR 3 onwards once you can meld talismans. Sets are registered as a loadout so you can just swap and go.


These sets works online too, aims to give you an easier time in both survival and damage output, especially when you are new and learning a weapon

I'll be adding more as I play and and look at mix sets.

Thunder God GS Set.jpg
Bloodrite God LS.jpg
Blast God SnS.jpg
Fire God SnS.jpg
Water God SnS.jpg
Thunder God SnS.jpg
Ice God SnS.jpg
Dragon God SnS.jpg
Fire God DB.jpg
Water God DB.jpg
Thdr God DB.jpg
Ice God DB.jpg
Drg God DB.jpg
God Hammer.jpg
God Hunting Horn.jpg
God Gunlance.jpg
God Lance.jpg
Exhaust God Switch Axe.jpg
God Charged Blade.jpg
God Insect Glaive.jpg
God LBG.jpg