Monster Hunter Stories 2

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29 Oct 2021 : Tested, works on all regions (US/EU/Asia), V1.5.0

1) Video Above : Max Zenny and Full Material Injection (over 840+ mats) at 950 each

Bottle Caps will be at 65,500 

Max is 999 but i dont inject this qty because of quests that requires you to collect materials to progress. Having 999 will stop you from collecting. Many Key items are not included because those will screw your progression. Get them from story progress :)

2) Video Above : Max Exp boost and Nutriments for your Hunter, all hatched Monsties (even in stables), Battle Buddies and their Monsties that have joined you. To level them up, Add them into your party, turn in any quest to gain 1 Exp and see them level up legitly :)

Does not work for unhatch / yet to found eggs or companions that have yet to join you. Why not? Simple. I can't boost exp to something that isn't there yet. Sorry.

3) Video above : God Charm Injection. Above 20 Talimans are some of the best rated in the game, for solo, multiplayer coop and even PVP.

For the list of skills available that I can inject, please click button below

4) Video Above : Full roster 96 Monsties Injection or Monsties & Gene Editing. Above video is early game progress where I have a full roster of all Monsties injected in early game play, Each of them is also optimized with best damage output built possible (using Pump Up + Crit Eye + Heroics / Vigilance genes) according to their elements.

Includes latest V1.5.0 Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos

5) I can also customise / edit genes on any Monstie you choose

  • Change any Monstie to any Monstie of your choice (so long its released in game)

  • Max Nutrients, Max Exp (level it up like in video 2 above)

  • All Monsties have +3 to HP, Attack and Defense, even better than the RNG of an Amazing Smell Egg

  • All Genes you choose will be auto upgraded to 2 stars. Provide your genes No : 1 to 9 according to setup below

If you have no preference on genes yet, I will fully optimise your monstie for for a damage out gene set like those in video above.

(See below for datamined Gene Table, If you can't see the table on mobile, view it on PC/Laptop)

You may contact me by Discord or Facebook Messenger if you wish to clarify anything.

Discord : Orei#6174

Facebook Messenger : Orei Des

  • I use an unique and safest stealth method to log in your account that Do not trigger Nintendo for an EMAIL CODE from you. 

  • Email code triggers are dangerous and signs of abnormal behavior login from others (hacking etc). 

  • When I return your save, Your save's timestamp is exactly the same as you left it, but work is done within. Impossible to trace from save data editing perspective.

  • All my work is done without modded switch or custom firmware or cheating homebrew apps.