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A little about myself. I'm just an individual person, not part of any digital provider merchant groups. I was invited a few times but I turned them all away as they are only interested in cashing fast while I do the heavy lifting. I do spend time to play the games, data-mine, develop and write every single line of code for the games I do, using different methods and the experience of gaming since I was 7. That's about 30+ years of PC and console gaming since.
I always believe in coding everything myself as I need to be in control over what I do, especially when I'm providing this as a service to others. It's also sustainable against future game or switch updates. My delivery methods are secure, there is no CFW (Custom Firmware) involved, your save meta data (timestamp, file size etc) remains the same the way you left it to me, even though work is done within.

Why am I doing this? Well.. the only reason my wife will allow me to buy and play games at mid adult age, is that I get to earn some $ to support her and the kids' school expenses. Win-Win scenario I guess.

I do have a day job. What I'm doing here is a hobby and life-time interest.

My 2022 onward hobby goals is to mod more console games, go deep into Crpyto space. you can find that in my other link from main page.

So do chat me up if you are keen for my game services. My contact details in main page.