Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Cheats, Pokemon Trading

The above are what I can offer for this game as of now. Its done by in game trading 1 pokemon to another.

After you obtain 1 gym badge, you can enter the basement of a Pokemon center and enable global link code trade. That's where we do this.

Hit me up if you are interested. 

A) Gen 1 to 4 bred shiny 6IV eggs with recommended natures and powerful egg moves. Pack of 12.

B) Any other Egg in the National Dex. Bred Shiny, 6IV, recommended natures and power egg moves whenever possible. Pack of 12.

C) A specially assembled Lvl 5 battle pack for starters, with level 5 Raichu, Dialga and Palkia. These Pokemons are very very powerful and you can have a easier time clearing the main story line. Watch your number of Badges and Obedience Metric

D) 6 x Shiny 6IV Dittos of different natures. Chinese or English. For all your breeding needs.

E) A Specially assembled Battle Tower Team (where you and opponent are all level 50). This team works for both Single & Double Battles. Purpose is to clear fast win streaks and farm Battle Points. I have a strategy usage guide written to share after trade.

F) 26 Exclusive Pokemons found in Brilliant Diamond only. All are bred/caught in game, Shiny, 6IV.

G) 27 Exclusive Pokemons found in Shining Pearl only. All are bred/caught in game, Shiny, 6IV.

H) 30 Legendary Pokemons found in in both versions of the game. Most Shiny, all level 100, 6IV, Best Nature, EV Trained, PP Maxed, Basically Battle Ready.

Contact me below for any clarifications required.

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