Pokemon Sword & Shield

Custom Pokemons

Below Table contains all Pokemon I have Bred, Trained, Captured

Full 400 Sword/Shield Dex available.
All transfer Pokemons from Home available

All GMax Mons available, now includes egg moves

New Isle of Armor Kubfu and both Urshifus available.

Crown Tundra Pokemons Available

Max Lair Pokemons Available

Event Zeraora, Celebi, and Zarude Available

All my Pokemons will be 6IV, EV trained, and Ultra Shiny (except for shiny locked)

Any customization (OT, Ball Type, Built, Move Set etc), please download template and fill up, then email the file to me, oreides88@gmail.com

Or just let me know the config you like


I also provide Pokebank to Pokemon Home transfer of all past gens #001 to #807.

See picture for more details.


Use the filter or search by National, Galar or Isle of Armor Dex, or Name

(Eggs 🥚, Battle Ready ⚔️, Gmax forms)

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